Maybe Tommy Robinson is collecting the alphabet: EDL, BNP, BFP and Ukip

Maybe Tommy Robinson is collecting the alphabet: EDL, BNP, BFP and Ukip. Matt Chorley. Emirates’ happy talk hides its darker side. Ben Macintyre. A seasonal shiver as we scent winter approaching.

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English Defence League Announces Arrest of Leaders.. explaining that "Tommy Robinson", the EDL’s pseudonymous leader, People thus vote BNP or, increasingly, UKIP. That doesn’t make those people Nazis – it just makes them angry people!

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The leader of the MIGs was a Tommy Robinson, a pseudonym later taken by the now ex-leader of the EDL Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Paul Harris). The origins of the EDL came in the form of a blog (2007) with a strong anti-Islam focus that was inspired by the growing Islamophobic movements in the United States by a British National Party (BNP) supporter named Paul Ray.

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Robinson made his money running a sunbed shop, where people go to make their skin darker. Go figure. Ukip is just the latest in his efforts to learn and collect all the letters of the alphabet, having previously been in the EDL, the BNP and BFP.

Of course reactive defenders of the extreme-right will try to argue that not all Tommy Robinson followers end up spewing vitriolic bigotry, issuing social media death threats, and/or carrying out acts of extreme-right terrorism, but the evidence is absolutely clear now that a percentage of them do.