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Winners The voters In a sprawling field of 20, viewers of Thurday night’s debate only had to focus on 10 – cutting the field in half at least three hours of live television for a single night.

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The Philippines’ mid-term election tomorrow brings with it a set of unexpected winners and losers for the economy. Voters in the Southeast Asian nation go to the polls on May 13 to elect new lawmakers and local government officials. Elections usually provide a lift to the economy as candidates ramp up spending to lure voters.

it is very clear that there is no significant statistics of what happens to the US equity market depending on who wins the elections, however here are some potential winners and losers depending who.

Midterms And The Stock Market: Potential Winners, Losers From The Coming Election. large-cap peers during times of a divided. surrounding midterm elections have historically been good news.

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The winners and losers of America. Investors drove up Target stock around 18% in early trading Wednesday. Shares hit a record high. Target said clothing sales increased more 5% last quarter and.

Big winners and losers in the Ninth Senate On February 27, 2019 5:21 am In Elections 2019 Updates , News , Politics , Trending by vanguard By Emmanuel Aziken

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